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ResMed Elise 350 ICU Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 8.5 Lakh / Unit(s) 

ResMed Elise 350 is portable invasive and noninvasive ventilation for ICU, critical care and transport. It combines all of the conventional ventilation modes, diagnostic and monitoring functions required in the ICU. Machine is easy to use during transportation inside or outside the hospital.

The new End tidal CO2 (EtCO2) sensor for Elisée 350 ventilators is a convenient alternative to invasive capnographic procedures. It connects easily with Elisée ventilators to form a complete ventilation system for patient transportation and hospital use.

The EtCO2 sensor enables medical staff to quickly, easily and noninvasively monitor patients’ CO2 levels to allow the right level of care.

Key features

  • High mobility and uninterrupted ventilation - Continuity of power supply provides three hours* (minimum) of internal battery power and three additional hours of power with the external hot swappable battery packs. *Tested under specific conditions. Please see the user guide for more information.
  • Advanced performance - Oxygen and nebulisation functionalities – blender enables oxygen concentration to be set at 21-100% with FiO2 monitoring displayed on-screen. Nebulisation is synchronised with patients’ ventilation.
  • Dedicated algorithm for invasive and noninvasive (NIV) use with trigger sensitivity now with NIV+
  • Easy monitoring with real time waveforms displayed on screen
  • Quick access to respiratory mechanics screens for automatic calculation of lung resistance and compliance


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MV-002

T-Bird Legacy Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
  • T-Bird Legacy Ventilator (Preused)
  • Portable Volume Respiratory Ventilator (Preused)
  • The T-Bird Legacy is turbine-driven, lighter chassis, less heat.
  • Features
  • Control, Assist/Control, SIMV, and CPAP
  • Pressure support ventilation,
  • Automatic apnea backup ventilation
  • Pressure alarms
  • Comprehensive monitoring package includes PIP, MAP, breath rate,
  • I:E Ratio, Tidal Volume (Vte), Minute ventilation (VE), Inspiratory Time (Ti)
  • AssitControl, Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) and PEEP.

T-Bird VSO2 Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 2.2 Lakh / Unit(s) 
  • T-Bird VSO2 Ventilator (Preused)
  • TBird VS and VS02 provide eight monitored parameters which include:
  • Vte: Exhaled Tidal Volume, VE: Exhaled Minute Volume, f: Total Breath Rate, PIP: Peak Inspiratory Pressure, MAP: Mean Airway Pressure, I:E: I:E Ratio
  • PEEP: Positive End Expiratory Pressure,
  • Ti: Inspiratory Time
  • Patient Safety
  • The TBird VS and VSO2 include safety features:
  • Apnea backup ventilation automatically activates whenever patient apnea is detected.
  • Internal battery provides emergency power during temporary power outage, or battery power during short duration transport.
  • Optional external battery provides additional power for longer transports, and facilitates patient mobility.
  • Locking mechanism prevents accidental changes to control settings.
  • Enhanced User Interface

T-Bird AVS Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 2.75 Lakh / Unit(s) 
  • T-Bird AVS Ventilator (Preused)
  • Advanced turbine delivery system in a compact, durable and lightweight package
  • Allows to move your patient to perform therapeutic or diagnostic procedures
  • Its powerful turbine technology provides excellent gas delivery without a need for a compressed air source
  • Apnea backup ventilation automatically activates whenever patient apnea is detected
  • Internal battery provides emergency power during temporary power outage, or battery power during short duration transport
  • An optional external battery provides additional backup and power for longer transports
  • The pressure manometer bar graph displays real time pressure readings as well as high and low pressure alarm settings
  • Its color-coded controls and displays are easy to read and set
  • Central control knob provides one-button operation
  • It is the first and only ICU ventilator designed to take your patient seamlessly through the critical care environment



  • Tidal Volume: 50 to 2000 ml
  • Breath Rate: 280 BPM, Peak Flow: 10-140 LPM
  • Peak Flow-Spontaneous: 180 LPM max
  • Sensitivity: 1 to 8 LPM, PEEP/CPAP: 0 to 30 cmH2O, O2: 21-100%
  • Pressure Support: Off, 1-60 cmH2O,
  • Sigh: On/Off, I sigh breath every 100 BPM or 7 mins
  • Manual Breath: x1, Bias Flow: 10-20 LPM
  • Inspiratory Hold: 6 seconds max
  • 100% O2: On/Off, 3 minutes max
  • Pressure Control: Off, 1-100 cmH2O
  • Inspiratory Time: 0.3-10 seconds
  • Modes:
  • Volume Control: Control, Assist/Control, SIMV+ Pressure Control, CPAP, Flow Selection: Square, Decelerating
  • Pressure Control: Control, Assist/Control, SIMV+ Pressure Control, CPAP, Volume Assured: Control, Pressure Support:
  • Assist/Control, SIMV+ Pressure Control

Siemens 300 Servo Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 2.9 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Siemens 300 servo Ventilator (Preused)
  • Lung ventilator intended for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.
  • Siemens 300A Servo Ventilator offers a wide range of ventilation modes together with an Automode function for greater treatment possibilities, shorter weaning times and increased patient comfort.
  • The 300A differs from the 300 in that it offers an Auto mode
  • Feature: After two consecutive patient trigs the ventilator shifts from controlled to supported ventilation and remains in the support mode as long as the patient keeps triggering.
  • If the patient stops breathing, the ventilator shifts back to the control mode after: Adult 12s, Pediatric 8s, Neonatal 5s.
  • Automode, Neonate to adult patient range,
  • Wide range of ventilation modes ,
  • O2 air gas module filters bacteria. 

Drager Savina Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 4.1 Lakh / Unit(s) 
  • Drager Savina Ventilator (Preused)
  • Ventilation Mode
  • IPPV (CMV), IPPV Assist (CMV Assist)
  • (PCV+) (optional), BIPAP1), ASB (PCV+/PS)
  • NIV – Non Invasive Ventilation with optimized alarm system and automatic leakage compensation (optional)
  • AutoFlow® – Automatic adaptation of the inspiratory flow in volume orientated ventilation modes (optional)
  • LPO - Low Pressure Oxygen. Independent oxygen supply
  • Graphic screen - Advanced ventilation monitoring (optional),
  • Adult and Pediatric Ventilation
  • Nurse call - Connection for transmitting alarm signals to a central alarm system (optional)

Drager Evita 2 Dura ICU Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 4 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Drager Evita 2 Dura ICU Ventilator (Preused)
Ventilation mode:
  • IPPV, IPPVAssist (CMV, CMVAssist)
  • MMV, MMVASB (MMV, MMV/Psupp)
  • BIPAP1), BIPAP1)ASB, BIPAP1)Assist (PCV+, PCV+/Psupp, PCV+Assist)
  • APRV (optional)
  • ILV (optional)
  • Enhancements
  • AutoFlow™ – Automatic adaptation of inspiratory flow in volume controlled modes
  • ATC™ – Automatic Tube Compensation (optional)
  • IV - Mask Ventilation (optional)
  • Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal mode
  • Ventilation frequency (f): 0 to 100 /min, 0 to150 /min (Neonatal)
  • Tidal volume (VT) (BTPS): §0.1 to 2.0 L (Adult) §0.02 to 0.3 L (Pediatric) §0.003 to 0.1 L (Neonatal) ¡Inspiratory flow: §6 to 120 L/min (Adult) §6 to 30 L/min (Pediatric and Neonatal) ¡Inspiratory pressure: 0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O) ¡PEEP / intermittent PEEP:

           0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O)

  • Pressure assist (PASB) (Psupp):

           0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O)

  • Rise time for inspiratory pressure:  0 to 2 s ¡O2 concentration: 21 to 100 Vol.%

  • Multi-sense Trigger Criteria: Internal automatic pressure trigger, Flow, Volume (Flow adjustable 0.3 to 15 L/min)

Puritan-Bennett LP10 Volume Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 75,000 / Unit(s) 
Puritan-Bennett LP10 Volume Ventilator (Preused)
  • LP10 is a portable, dependable, comprehensive ventilator designed to enable smooth transition from critical care ventilation.
  • Meet a broad range of ventilation and patient needs.
  • Features:
    - Pressure control for pressure-limited, time-cycled ventilation
    - Decreased internal resistance reduces breathing effort in SIMV mode
    - Continuous low-maintenance operation with minimal supervision
    - Internal and external battery provides convenience and security
    - Expanded alarms and printer or digital display output ensure reliable ventilator monitoring for pediatric or adult patients.

GE Versamed iVent 201 Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh / Unit(s) 
GE Versamed iVent 201 Ventilator (Preused)
  • iVent201 is appropriate from pediatric through adult, from the patient’s bedside to transport
  • Electrically powered, computer controlled
  • Assist control (A/C), Volume controlled, Pressure controlled  modes
  • CPAP & Pressure support ventilation (PSV)
  • Respiratory rate: 1 to 80 bpm
  • Tidal volume: 50 to 2,000 ml
  • Inspiratory pressure limit: 5 to 80 cm H2O
  • Inspiratory time: Adaptive * or 0.2 to 3 sec
  • Esens: 10-90%
  • Rise time: Mid/high/max/auto
  • Peak flow: Adaptive Flow* or 1 to 120 L/min; Spontaneous up to 180 L/min
  • Oxygen mix (FiO2): 21 to 100%
  • PEEP: 0 to 40 cm H2O
  • Trigger sensitivity: 1 to 20 L/min flow sensitivity –0.5, to –20 cm H2O pressure sensitivity
  • PSV: 0 to 60 cm H2O
  • Positive pressure relief valve: 80 cm H2O
  • Synchronized nebulizer: 5 to 240 min

High Flow Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 3 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Medical Ventilator provides support solutions for patients in respiratory distress. Vapotherm invented high flow therapy, and holds patents on technology and methods to deliver humidified respiratory gases at high flow rates. Vapotherm provides safe, comfortable and effective alternative to more invasive methods of ventilation support.

The Vapotherm Precision can be a suitable alternative to CPAP and can be used in many settings and in the treatment of symptoms of several respiratory distress disorders. The application of Vapotherm High Flow Therapy is in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Sub-Acute Care, and Palliative Care.

It is used to treat Respiratory Distress Disorders such as General Respiratory Failure, RSV (bronchiolitis), COPD, Pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure and Asthma.




  • Built-in oxygen blender. Oxygen percentage is fully adjustable from 21 to 100% when two 40 psi (276 KPa) gas sources are used.
  • Inlet gas pressure range is 4-70 psi (28-482 KPa). At low gas inlet pressures, maximum flow rate and oxygen percentage settings are automatically reduced to match the inlet pressure.
  • Two alarm levels indicate low and medium priority alarm conditions. IEC60601-1-8 compliant.
  • Internal battery backup maintains flow and oxygen percentage for 15 minutes if AC power is cut off. Battery recharges in 1-2 hrs.


  • No disinfection necessary. The patient circuit is detachable and disposable.
  • Temperature, flow and oxygen percentage are adjusted via a single setting control knob on the front panel.
  • Automatically senses cartridge type —maximum flow setting is automatically reduced if low-flow cartridge is installed.
  • Easy connection between the delivery tube and disposable water path by a simple press and click fitting.
  • All values and alarms displayed in a single large color-coded panel.
  • Scheduled maintenance for internal components at 3 year intervals, external gas filters replaced at 6 month intervals, external oxygen sensor replaced annually.
  • Universal power requirements allow use anywhere with only a change of power cord.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MV-004
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