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12 Channel ECG Machine

Approx Price: Rs 55,000 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
The CardioCare 2000 is an economically priced 12 channel resting ECG that does not compromise on performance. Suitable for use in private practice, the ER, or hospitals use, the CardioCare 2000 is designed for maximum ease of use and convenience. Software upgradeable and networkable, the CardioCare 2000 is an excellent choice for your diagnostic needs.

Simultaneous 12 Channel Resting ECG
The CardioCare 2000 acquires 10 full seconds of ECG data simultaneously from 10 leads to produce an accurate 12 channel printout with analysis!

ECG Interpretation Program
Over 80 kinds of interpretation results based on the advanced Minnesota Code are provided to aid your diagnosis. The interpretation algorithms are expanded with regular software updates.

A4 Full Size Paper
The CardioCare 2000 will produce full size A4 printouts in 1,3,6 and 12 channel formats. Full size print-outs improve readability and make it easier for filing in the patient chart. A convenient Copy button lets you generate ECG copies in any of the available formats.

Low Maintenance Cost
The CardioCare 2000 uses normal fax paper which costs about ¼ the cost of ECG paper. It will even generate its own grid!

BMS-Plus is a software program that enables you to interface CardioCare 2000 to Windows based computers through LAN. The ECG data from CardioCare 2000 is saved in either Bionet’s proprietary file format (.ecg), or JPEG or PDF. The JPEG file format ensures compatibility with most EMR packages. BMS-Plus displays real-time ECG data on-screen, instantly performs a full set of measurements and offers diagnostic aid. In addition, BMS-Plus can eliminate the need for costly thermal paper by printing a variety of comprehensive reports on standard printer/copier paper.

Upgradeable Software
The CardioCare 2000 software is user upgradeable and is constantly being improved.

CardioCare 2000 Main Unit, 10 Lead ECG Patient Cable, Alligator Clips, Electrodes, Medi-Graph Paper, Hospital Grade Power Cord, Operation Manual, Diagnostics Guide Book, Quick Reference Guide and a Warranty Card.

6 Channel ECG Machine With Touch Screen

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
  • Output system: High-resolution thermal-array (8 dots/mm), it need not be adjusted. Re-cording frequency Response:150Hz (-3db, +0.4dB).
  • The device can record exact single ECG waveform and remark. The remark includes: lead sign, sensitivity, paper speed, filter state.
  • Under automatic mode, just press the button once, it starts record procedure, which can en-hance your work efficiency.
  • The language of operation interface include
    ( Chinese, English, French, Italian, Turkish, Spanish)
  • The keyboard's control is whole touch type, it's convenient to operate.
  • LCD can display the operation state, which is convenient and readable.
  • Classification: class: I, CF applied part.
  • power supply: AC/DC, Rechargeable lithium battery inside.
  • This instrument can record 150 pieces of ECG waveform and print 90 minutes continually under the best DC state.
  • The figure of whole device is elegance and gliding.
  • According to dependency degree of deleterious fluid, this device belongs to common device.
  • According to the safe degree used under the condition with flammable anesthesia gas mixed with air (or oxygen), this device belongs to the device which can't be used under the condition with flammable anesthesia gas mixed with air (or oxygen)
  • Digital signal processor for effective inhibition of AC, EMG and DFT, receive the better ECG waveform.
  • According the working mode class, this device is nit suit to continuous work state.

3 Channel ECG Machine

Approx Price: Rs 35,000 / Unit(s) 
  • 12 lead simultaneous acquisition
  • Graphical Colored TFT for Real time ECG monitoring
  • Measurements and Interpretation
  • Full alphanumeric keypad
  • Paper out Indication
  • Multiple Printing options
  • Isolation protection against defibrillation
  • 20 patients memory storage
  • USB storage (optional)
  • Direct A4 ECG Printing (optional)
  • PC connectivity (optional)

Tele ECG Machine

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Piece 
We have carved niche in the industry by providing an innovative assortment of Tele ECG Machine that has facility to send and receive ecg from numerous locations. The offered EEG machines are developed by vendor’s competent workforce using the top notch material & modernize technology in accordance with the set norms of industry. These EEG machines are used in hospitals for detecting patients.


  • Online Global access
  • Facility to send and receive ECG from numerous locations
  • Bi-directional transmission
  • Patient's clinical data maintained with history
  • Wireless patient data transmission with PC/Laptop
  • Secure GPRS connection for transmission of Vital data
  • SMS notification facility
  • One touch Upload facility of patient's data
  • Specialist diagnosis report with single click Download key
  • Support for all major wireless devices and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows & BlackBerry)
  • Pulse Oximeter (Optional*)
  • Non-Invasive blood pressure (NIBP)(Optional*)
  • Body Temperature (Optional*)
  • USB PCL compatible DeskJet and Laser printer (Optional*)
  • Online Global access of patient data

PC ECG Machine

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Unit(s) 
  • 12 Leads simultaneous acquisition
  • Measurements and Interpretation
  • Leads off detection
  • Enlarged medians with ST calculations
  • HRV analysis
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Facility to send ECG report via e-mail
  • Economical standard A4 printout
  • Patient card printing facility
  • CD burn facility

Tablet ECG Machine

Approx Price: Rs 40,000 / Unit(s) 
  • HP Deskjet 3515 Printer
  • 12 lead simultaneous ECG acquisition and review complete with measurements and interpretation;
  • Storage of ECG on the Tab
  • Transfer of ECG acquired on the Tab to a Wi-Fi enabled printer
  • Print on plain A4 paper on demand – no mess, non fade, permanent hard copy
  • Integration with a HIS;
  • When required, send ECGs to an expert and receive ECG reports with prescription within minutes. Users in semi urban and rural locations can thereby treat onset of IHD with expert advice within the golden hour.

ECG Holter Monitor

Approx Price: Rs 1.25 Lakh / Piece 
  • 3 Channel ECG Holter monitoring
  • Recorder and Analyser facility
  • 24 hrs recording on latest SDHC Cards
  • LED indication for data storage/device status
  • Works on 2 nos of 1.5V (AA) LR6 Alkaline batteries
  • Pacemaker Detection
  • Full Disclosure Display
  • Template Editing
  • ST analysis with 3D Graph
  • QTC Analysis
  • Sleep Apnea Analysis
  • PDF Generation & Email facility

Lead Stress Test System

Approx Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Piece 
  • PC Based Cardiac workstation combines Resting and Exercise ECG
  • Simultaneous acquisition and display of 12 lead raw ECG
  • Standard and user programmable treadmill protocols
  • Risk predicting Duke Treadmill score
  • Detection of leads off and arrhythmias
  • User configured multiple display and reports format
  • Heavy duty Treadmill
  • Upgradable to Automatic NIBP (optional)

12 Lead Stress Test System

Approx Price: Rs 2.1 Lakh / Piece 
  • PC Based Cardiac workstation combines Resting and Exercise ECG
  • Bluetooth enabled Wireless ECG Transmission module
  • Rechargeable battery with 10 hrs. battery backup up
  • Battery status indicators
  • Standard and user programmable treadmill protocols
  • Risk predicting Duke Treadmill score
  • Detection of leads off and arrhythmias
  • User configured multiple display and reports format
  • Heavy duty Treadmill
  • Upgradable to Automatic NIBP (optional)

Ambulatory PSG System

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh / Piece 

  • QUEST 101/201
  • 10/16 Channel PSG Holter recording
  • 36 hrs recording without compression
  • LED indication for data storage
  • Online / Offline recording facility
  • Recording on 2 AA size ( 1.5 V ) batteries
  • Automatic apnea detection
  • Auto report generation

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CS-002

Ambulatory EEG Machine

Approx Price: Rs 28,000 / Piece 

Ambulatory EEG Machine

  • A small, lightweight, multichannel ambulatory EEG and Sleep Application. Offers maximum patient comfort, without sacrificing the ruggedness required for ambulatory studies.
  • Features 21 mono-polar EEG Input, 4 Bipolar EEG Input, 1 Reference Input
  • 36 combinations of editable montage and editable single amplifier.
  • Reference electrode options: A1→A2A1←A2A1←→A2A1 + A2AVAavVX and off
  • Mark signalPhotic flash stimulation mark ,situation event mark, provocation test mark
  • Acquisition of EEG Data either on PC/LAPTOP via high speed USB cable or SD Card. When powered through Batteries, The Data could only be stored in SD card.
  • Compact 142 (W)×91 (D)×30 (H) mm design that is rugged, lightweight, and easy to use
  • A patient Event pushbutton is built in to the acquisition box.
  • 72 hours of continuous recording.
  • Battery replacement protects data storage.
  • System with Situation Alarm, Detachment alarm and low Battery alarm
  • On line AC Impedance Check, Display Values and Highlight the electrode of which the impedance is higher than the preset impedance threshold value.
  • Electrode detachment alarm: when the impedance is higher than the preset threshold value, the alarm turns light.
  • Screen freeze facility helps in careful study of any event during Acquisition without stopping data storage.
  • On-line and off-line reformatting of Sensitivity, LO Filter, Hi Filter, and Display Time.
  • Facility of Montage Reformatting after EEG acquisition
  • User definable Photic Stimulation protocols.
  • It is possible to check Impedances and view individual signal during acquisition
  • Once the data is transfer to the review station, the study can be processed with measurement, FFT analysis, Colored Brain- Mapping and Spike detection software.
  • The same recorder system can be used for in-lab recordings when connected to the host PC, including optional photic stimulation, etc. Data is recorded to the PC's hard disk
  • Selectable Page view time
  • Various display mode: continuous, fast, page-by-page, second by second and dragging waveform Facility to mark important events and pages for printing in review
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Amplifier: “Life Guard” EEG System consists of 26 inputs- 21 Mono-polar EEG Input, 4 Mono-Bipolar EEG,1
  • Reference Input, 2 synchronous input
  • Sensitivity: 1,2,3,5,7,10,15,20,30,50,70,100,150,200 μV/mm
  • AC Filter: 50 Hz or 60 Hz (selectable)
  • Impedance Threshold: 5,10,15,20,30,& 50 KΩ
  • Input Impedance: 100 MOhm
  • CMRR: >100 dB ( 50 Hz)
  • LO Frequency Filter: 0.08, 0.16, 0.27, 0.53, 1.6, 5.3, 53, 160 Hz.
  • HI Frequency Filter: 153035456070100120200Hz
  • A/D Conversion: 16 bit ( 97n V /LSB)
  • Sampling Rate: 250, 300, 500, 700, 1000 Hz
  • Screen Display Time: 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 seconds / screen & 30 mm/sec. self defined
  • Connectivity to PC ; USB
  • Power: AC

Portable EEG Machine

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh / Piece 
  • 24/32* Channel simultaneous acquisition of raw data
  • Compact and light weight
  • USB powered with plug and play facility
  • Suitable for use in ICU, OT, Bedside recording or at patient’s residence
  • Artifact free recording in any environment
  • LED based photic stimulator
  • Reports can be emailed or transferred across a network
  • EEG synchronous Video Recording (optional)

Channel EEG System

Approx Price: Rs 1.3 Lakh / Piece 

  • Simultaneous data acquisition and analysis of same patient
  • Unlimited online and offline montage and filter reformatting
  • Brain mapping with advanced features
  • Event marking with review and printing options
  • EEG synchronous Video Recording (optional)
  • Available in portable model also
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