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ResMed - AirSenseTM 10 AutoSetTM

Approx Price: Rs 70,000 / Unit(s) 

The AirSense™ 10 CPAP Machine with HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier by ResMed builds upon previous successes and adds innovative new features sure to impress. The heated humidifier is built in making it 23% lighter than former models and features increased levels of custom humidification.


Product Features

The AirSense™ 10 CPAP Machine with HumidAir™ is a polished looking machine and built-in humidifier designed with user experience in mind. Easily understood menus, SmartStart™, and quiet operations are a few of the features that make this CPAP a great option. This is a single pressure CPAP machine that does not auto-adjust.



  • HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier
  • OPTIONAL ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tube
  • AutoRamp™
  • SmartStart™
  • Color LCD Display
  • Integrated Light Sensor
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™)
  • Therapy Data


HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier

The AirSense™ 10 CPAP Machine has a heating plate built in so the water chamber can be attached directly to the machine for a minimal footprint. The humidifier can be set to 9 different settings: off, and 1 through 8 with 1 being the lowest level of humidification, and 8 being the highest.


Take humidification to the next level by adding the OPTIONAL ClimateLineAir integrated heated tube to maintain the temperature of the entire air circuit. The Auto Climate Control mode will consider the room temperature and adjust the level of humidification delivered to the mask.



One of the most innovative features of the AirSense™ 10 line is AutoRamp™ technology. Algorithms allow the machine to sense when the user is awake or asleep, and once asleep will comfortably rise to the full prescribed pressure. See the Important Tips tab of this page for a more detailed explanation of the AutoRamp™ setting.



For added convenience the AirSense™ 10 CPAP features SmartStart™ technology. Simply put on the mask and start breathing and the machine will begin therapy. Similarly, when the mask is taken off, the machine will register the user is no longer using the machine and turn off.


Color LCD Display with Integrated Light Sensor

The LCD display of the AirSense™ 10 CPAP features vibrant colors to help clearly identify different stages of therapy. A blank circle fills with green as therapy pressure ramps up. Green and red faces indicate proper or poor mask fit and are also used to indicate if the humidifier is working properly.


The machine also features a integrated light sensor which allows the screen to adjust brightness automatically when ambient light changes. If a restroom break is needed in the middle of the night, the screen won't blind with brightness, and in the morning it won't be too dim to read how therapy went. In addition, the screen will automatically turn off after a short time to avoid extra light in a dark room.


Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™)

Now a mainstay on ResMed machines, EPR™ is intended to make therapy more comfortable. Breathing out against full prescribed pressure can sometimes be uncomfortable. EPR™ steps in and helps by lowering the pressure by a set amount on exhalation.


Therapy Data

The AirSense™ 10 CPAP provides basic therapy data on the LCD Display such as AHI, nightly usage hours, and total usage hours.


ResMed S9 Auto 25

Approx Price: Rs 56,500 / Piece 

ResMed S9 Auto 25


The ResMed S9 Auto 25 delivers an auto-adjusting EPAP and pressure support to OSA patients with varying night-to-night pressure needs. Utilising the proven, Enhanced AutoSet algorithm, the device can detect a number of breathing events including central apnoeas and respond to obstructions or flow limitations appropriately. Based on the award-winning S9 platform, the S9 Auto 25 provides comfortable therapy in one intuitive and easy-to-use system.


Modes: CPAP and VAuto


Product Features and Benefits:


  • Climate Control, with the H5i heated humidifier and ClimateLineMAX tube, maintains ideal humidification according to real-time environment.
  • Easy-Breathe motor offers the quietest therapy available.
  • Easy-to-use controls and color LCD make menu navigation simple and intuitive.
  • SlimLine and ClimateLine tubes are exceptionally slim and lightweight, virtually eliminating tube drag.


Treatment technologies:


  • VAuto mode incorporates enhanced AutoSet technology with central sleep apnea (CSA) detection.
  • Easy-Breathe EPR (expiratory pressure relief) adjusts pressure on exhalation for maximum comfort in both CPAP and VAuto modes.
  • Vsync manages leak and maintains patient–device synchrony (in VAuto mode).
  • TiControl manages leak by controlling the patient’s inspiratory time limit according to disease state (in VAuto mode).
  • Trigger and cycle sensitivities control the sensitivity with which the device detects the start of inspiration and expiration (in V Auto mode). V Auto mode incorporates enhanced autoset technology with central sleep apnea (csa) detection.
  • Easy-breathe EPR (expiratory pressure relief) adjusts pressure on exhalation for maximum comfort in both CPAP and V Auto modes. Slim line and climate line tubes are exceptionally slim and lightweight, virtually eliminating tube drag.
  • Warranty Information: 2 Years

ResMed S9 Escape CPAP Machine

Approx Price: Rs 47,000 / Unit(s) 
S9 Escape™ CPAP Machine


The S9 Escape™ CPAP Machine is a sleek, all-in-one system that is ideal for any nightstand. ResMed has incorporated Easy-Breathe Technology along with expiratory pressure relief (EPR) to make breathing through a CPAP feel more "natural". The S9 CPAP and included H5i™ Heated Humidifier with Climate Control offer major improvements and advanced features in climate control. Product Features

H5i™ Heated Humidifier with Climate Control

Optional unit incorporates an intelligent humidity controlling technology. The Climate Control system is managed through a combination of the S9 machine, H5i humidifier and the OPTIONAL ClimateLine heated tubing. There are five sensors throughout the system that monitor ambient temperature and patient airflow.

SlimLine and (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing

The S9 Series CPAP machines come standard with the ResMed SlimLine Tubing. The small diameter air tube is ultra-light, flexible and provides a unique alternative to bulky, generic 6 foot hoses. ResMed also offers a Standard Hose. The ClimateLine Tubing has an internal heated coil and mask temperature sensor that helps manage rainout throughout the hose. Climate Control algorithms measure temperatures from the humidifier to prevent condensation from forming. The ClimateLine Tubing can use the SlimLine Tubing Wrap to achieve total control of rainout.

Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)

EPR with Easy-Breathe technology also allows users to customize the RAMP feature. Set the S9 Escape to EPR RAMP ONLY mode to enhance comfort and help improve compliance. Users are more aware of pressure changes as they fall asleep, using pressure relief during the ramp period naturalizes this process.

Easy-Breathe Technology

Easy-Breathe technology softens the breathing cycle by monitoring the user's breathing pattern. Along with EPR, the S9 Escape synchronizes the user's inspiratory and expiratory cycle. A smoother, more natural delivery of pressure keeps the motor whisper-quiet when operating. Easy-Breathe allows the S9 Series to operate at 26 dBA when set to 10cm of pressure from a distance of one meter. The overall reduction in motor operation helps keep conducted noise from traveling through the tubing and away from the mask. No more motor whining and noise generated inside the CPAP hose.

Resmart CPAP Machine

Approx Price: Rs 36,000 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)

The BMC RESmart Auto CPAP System with Heated Humidifier is a CPAP machine that will deliver pressure to you based on each night's needs, not just one set pressure. Auto CPAP is a great mode of therapy when treating Sleep Apnea because every night is a little different for everyone because of stress during the day, different eating habits each day, alcohol consumption, etc. and the Auto CPAP Machine will adjust each night based on what you need to keep the airway open!


Product Features Include:

  • Auto adjustment of therapy pressure within set pressure range
  • Personalized sensitivity setting
  • RESlex™ exhalation relief with three comfort settings
  • Remote compliance data access by phone with iCode™
  • Direct connect to PC via RS232
  • Automatic leakage and altitude compensation
  • Inspiration trigger for automatic start-up
  • Embedded memory records sleep compliance data
  • Quiet operation


Auto adjustment of therapy pressure allows for each night to be treated individual based on your Sleep Apnea needs for each night. The CPAP Machine will automatically adjust to pressure needed that night and that night only!

Personalized sensitivity settings are only available with the RESmart® Auto CPAP Machine. The speed of automatic pressure adjustment can be varied from a softer or more gradual adjustment (1) to a harder and faster (5) pressure adjustment


RESmart® Auto CPAP Machine has the technology known as RESlex™ which refers to BMC's exhalation relief feature used to make the breathing against a CPAP Machine more comfortable. The pressure drops during exhalation with 4 setting options: Off, 1, 2 or 3 with 3 providing the greatest relief upon exhalation.

iCode™ allows for the user to retrieve sleep compliance data remotely. This feature can be enabled or disabled.

The RESmart® Auto CPAP Machine will adjust automatically for your leak and has automatic altitudeadjustments when applicable. Altitude setting are as follows: 0= less than 2,460ft; 1= 2,460- 4,921ft; 2= 4,921- 8,202ft.

Auto On feature is a setting that will trigger the machine to turn on automatically once a breath has been taken with the CPAP Mask on. The airflow will begin immediately upon the breath and your CPAP Machine can begin to be used.

Sleep Compliance Data is recorded internally within the CPAP Machine and records your usage. Use days refers to the number of days compliant (which is when the CPAP Machine has been used for 4 or more hours in a given night).


Ergonomic Design

  • Backlit LCD display for operation in dark
  • Lighted user buttons with lockup capability
  • Integrated heated humidifier
  • Patented anti-countercurrent water tank
  • DC 24V powered and infrared controlled humidifier for patient safety and control


Philips Remstar 60 Series Auto CPAP Machine

Approx Price: Rs 47,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

The PR System One REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP Machine is an auto-adjusting CPAP machine that covers all the bases using Flex Technology to deliver the minimal pressure needed to maintain effective therapy with exhalation relief. Add the Optional System One Humidity Control and Heated Tube to extend maximum therapy comfort and relieve many therapy side effects.

Features Include:


  • System One 60 Series Heated Tube Humidifier with Heated Tube - Optional
  • Modern Design
  • Flex Technology
  • System One Resistance Control
  • On Screen Data
  • Opti-Start

Optional System One Humidity Control and Integrated Heated Tube


Philips Respironics 60 Series machines can be used with the optional Heated Tube and System One Humidity System. Together they maximize comfort while managing rainout and potential water damage. The level of relative humidity delivered to the mask is adjusted by analyzing the ambient room temperature and machine airflow. The optional slim 15mm Heated Tube maintains the desired temperature evenly from the machine to the mask.

When the optional 60 Series Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube are added to the 60 Series Auto CPAP machine use the on-screen menu to select one of three available levels of relative humidity (70, 80 or 90 percent). Next, adjust the control dial to choose from 5 levels of heated tube temperature, ranging from 4 to 16 degrees above room temperature. The optimum humidification level at the mask is easy to maintain when using the PR System One REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP with humidification assembly.

The System One 60 Series Humidifier has a redesigned chamber resulting in an increase in surface area and greater humidification output. It has been reformatted to work with the Heated Tube which easily snaps on and off the humidifier port.

The System One Dry Box technology stands alone in reducing the chance of water damage to the CPAP. Unique design features prevent water from exiting the chamber and entering the machine. The center air outlet port uses a one way valve. This location on the chamber helps to minimize total water displacement. If water were to escape the chamber it is trapped within the reservoir of the Dry Box.

Modern Design

The PR System One REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP Machine sports an updated look with a rich charcoal color and metallic silver as accents on the control and side panels. The control dial has been redesigned to make it easier to grasp.

ResMed CPAP Machine

Approx Price: Rs 60,000 / Piece(s) 

S9 AutoSet™ CPAP Machine

The S9 AutoSet is the premium Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) model in ResMed's S9 Series. ResMed had incorporated Easy-Breathe Technology along with an Enhanced AutoSet algorithm to make breathing through a CPAP feel more "natural". Major improvements can be seen throughout the system with advanced features like the Optional H5i with Climate Control, ClimateLine heated tubing, and on-display advanced data reporting.

Product Features

The AutoSet series of Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) machines have long been designed to maximize comfort while providing minimal therapy pressures at the optimal moment. ResMed builds upon the AutoSet Advantage algorithm and incorporates EPR with Easy-Breathe technology in a new post modern shell. The S9 Series aesthetics are a complete redesign with new features:

Key Product Features
  • Intuitive Design
  • Mask-Fit System
  • Optional Climate Control Heated Humidifier
  • SlimLine or (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing
  • AutoSet with Easy-Breathe Technology
  • Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT)
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)
  • Smart Start / Smart Stop
  • On-Display Advanced Data Reporting
  • Optional SkinIt Cover

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ResMedS9Auto25

Breas Auto CPAP System

Approx Price: Rs 46,000 / Unit(s) 
iSleep 20i with iTechnology

iSleep 20i is an advanced, high-performance, self-adjusting CPAP that predictively identifies and treats obstructed breathing.

• Advanced signal processing technique to detect various breathing patterns
• Memory card capability for quick, easy download of long-term patient compliance data and detailed log
• Integrated heated humidifier with adjustable upper airway humidification for increased compliance
• Upright, stable design that takes up very little space and fits nicely into any bedroom
• Rear hose design, making the unit easy to integrate on your bedroom nightstand
• Lightweight design and the built-in carrying handle for easy travel
• Universal power supply. With the DC/DC converter, the unit can be powered from a car or recreational vehicle when enjoying an active everyday life
• SpO2 monitoring possibility

Apex iCH Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
Apex iCH Auto CPAP with PVA and Built in Heated Humidifier.
The iCH is a quiet auto-adjusting machine with a built-in heated humidifier. PVA pressure relief at exhalation makes therapy feel more natural. It all comes in a compact and lightweight body with an innovative look. Auto-titrating machine with the comfort of exhalation relief which is small, easy to travel with, and has quiet operation.

Auto Adjusting Technology
PVA - Pressure Relief at Exhalation
Built-In Heated Humidifier
Anti Back-Flow Humidifier Design
Quiet Operation - 28 dBA
Sleek, Modern Look
Small Footprint
Built-In Alarm Clock
Travel Friendly
On Screen Sleep Events Data
Leak Compensation & Auto Altitude Adjust

Auto-Adjusting Technology
The iCH Auto is set to a range of pressures and continually adjusts the delivered air stream within the range to provide the ideal pressure during sleep. Pressure can be set in .5 cmH20 increments between 4 and 20 cmH2O. Alternately, the iCH Auto can be set in CPAP mode to deliver a single therapy pressure all night long.

PVA - Pressure Relief at Exhalation
The iCH Auto includes the comfort feature PVA (Pressure Variation Algorithm) designed to provide a drop in pressure at the time of exhalation. The drop in pressure eases the process of breathing out against the air stream making the therapy more natural. PVA can be set to 3 levels with 1 being the lowest level of drop in pressure at the time of exhalation and 3 being the largest drop in pressure. Or, turn the PVA function to zero to turn off the pressure relief feature. The PVA function is represented on the machine's display screen by the letter "C".

Data Features
Sleep event information is displayed on the screen of the iCH Auto providing data about the effectiveness of the most recent therapy session including:

Data Feature Definition
Apnea Index Number of apneas (large reduction in airflow for at least 10 seconds) per hour
Hypopnea Index Number of hypopneas (smaller reduction in airflow for 10 - 60 seconds) per hour
Snore Index Number of snoring events (vibratory changes during inhalation) per hour
Flow Limitation Index Number of times per hour the upper airway is partially closed
To see the latest data when the machine is in the Standby mode displaying the time, simultaneously press and hold the Up and Down buttons to see the latest data. Move through the information by pushing the Menu button. The machine has on board data storage and an SD card.

Advanced Features
Low Pressure alert (sometimes referenced as a Leak Alert function) notifies the user when there is a large air leak in the pressure pathway. The display shows "Low P" and an audible alarm sounds. The audible alert can be turned off.
Leak Compensation helps to maintain an even pressure output even where there are small air losses in the system.

Auto Altitude Adjustment takes care of providing the appropriate therapy level in different altitudes. The iCH can be operated in altitudes up to 8,000 ft for pressures up to 18 cmH20 and up to 5,000 ft for pressures of 18.5 to 20 cmH2O.

Apex XT Auto CPAP Machine

Approx Price: Rs 44,000 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
The Apex XT Auto CPAP Machine is one of the lightest APAP machines on the market making it a great travel option. This data recording machine can fit in the palm of a hand and has many of the features found on larger, more expensive machines.

Product Features

The XT Auto CPAP Machine is a featured packed machine in a small and portable package. This is an auto-titrating CPAP machine and adjusts on a breath by breath basis to deliver the optimum pressure needed for therapy.


Travel Sized
Built In Power Supply
Padded Travel Bag Included
Auto Adjusting Technology
PVA Pressure Relief
Leak Compensation
Auto Altitude Adjustment
Clock With Alarm
SD Data Storage Card
Advanced Data On Screen

Travel Friendly

The XT Auto is designed to fit into a lifestyle involving travel. There is no bulky power brick to pack because the power supply is built into the machine. The machine works with voltages from 110 to 240 without changing fuses. Just attach the appropriate adapter plug if traveling abroad. Approximately the size of a large grapefruit, the Apex XT Auto is easy to pack into carry on luggage for travel. A padded travel bag with room to hold the machine, hose and mask is included with the purchase of the XT Auto.

Advanced Features: The XT Auto is small in size with a big advanced features list.

Auto-Adjusting Algorithm: The XT Auto function offers an advanced auto-adjusting algorithm to respond to the needs of the user. It provides the optimum pressure needed for therapy on a breath by breath basis.

PVA Pressure Relief: Pressure Variation Algorithm (PVA) is a comfort feature designed to reduce the air pressure during exhalation to create a more natural breathing pattern. Select from a setting of zero to three, with three being the greatest drop in pressure and one being the smallest drop in pressure. Select the zero setting to turn the PVA feature off.

Leak Compensation: When mask leaks occur, the XT Auto automatically adjusts the pressure to compensate for the leak increasing the effectiveness of the therapy delivered.

Auto Altitude Adjustment: The machine automatically adjusts to changes in altitude and adjusts the delivered pressure. When using pressure between 4 and 18 cmH2o the machine adjust up to 8,000 Feet of elevation. Pressure of 18.5 to 20 cmH2o adjust up to 5,000 Feet.

Clock With Alarm Functions: The LCD display is clear and easy to read. The machine has a built in clock with an alarm feature which can be set to sound at a set time. Additionally, if desired, the alarm can be set to sound when there are warnings displayed on the LCD screen.

Quiet Operation: The XT Auto is rated as operating at 28bB of sound.

Data Recording and Storage

An SD data card is included with the purchase of the XT Auto machine. The machine has a compliance meter recording the number of hours of therapy. The SD card should be stored OUT of the machine and inserted only at the time of downloading data. On-screen data includes:

AI - Apnea Index
HI - Hypopnea Index
SI - Snore Index

OPTIONAL Heated Humidifier

For a more comfortable therapy experience, the XT Heated Humidifier can be added to the XT Auto. Adding heated humidification can reduce irritation caused by otherwise cold, dry air. The humidifier is designed specifically for the XT machines. The XT Heated Humidifier can be added when ordering the machine.


Nox T3 Portable Sleep Lab

Approx Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)

Nox T3 Sleep Monitor

The Nox T3 portable respiratory sleep monitor has quickly earned an excellent reputation with thousands of devices in use worldwide. It has become the preferred choice in a wide variety of applications, including sleep apnea, PLMS, sleep bruxism, and more.

The Nox T3 system was designed with users and patients in mind. The ergonomic design saves time during patient hook-up and results in more patient comfort. The likelihood of failed home studies is greatly reduced through the wireless approach of the design.

The NOX T3 portable sleep monitor is a type 3 device with a simple patient hookup, wireless bluetooth oximeter, auto start/stop, fast data download, and immediate study results including pulse transit time / sleep time. The NOX T3 has extended applicability to pediatrics, dental, cardiologist and ENT patients.

· Thorax and abdomen RIP effort + RIP flow – RIP phase for paradoxical breathing

· Redundant flow signal through RIP effort, nasal cannula and CPAP check

· Integrated snore microphone with true audio signal

· Wireless signals: SpO2, pulse, snore, body position

· Standard disposable or rechargeable batteries (AA)


Each NOX T3 includes:

· 1 NOX T3 portable sleep monitor device

· 1 Nonin 3150 Pulse oximeter

· 2 medium disposable RIP belts

· 2 nasal cannulas w/ filter

· 1 Patient instruction card

· 2 AA batteries

· 1 USB interface cable

· 1 Noxturnal software CD

· 1 Carrying case

Technical Specific

· Wireless and miniaturization technology

The technology reduces interference and increases comfort for children and adults.

· Data navigation, scoring, review, reporting and export

Unlike screeners with limited software, the NOX-T3 monitor can navigate, score, review, report and export data.

· Set-up simplicity

It simplifies complexity, allowing staff to easily hook up the monitor. Home hook-up is also easy.

· Sound recording and playback

A built-in mic records and plays respiratory sounds using MP3 technology, a high-res sensor and a pressure channel.

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