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ResMed - Lumis 100 VPAP S

Approx Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece 

ResMed Lumis 100 VPAP S


Lumis 100 VPAP S is a noninvasive ventilator designed for spontaneously breathing, non-dependent patients with respiratory insufficiency with personalized ventilation made easy.


The ventilator is easy to set up and use, and is supported by ResMed’s ResScan™ patient management software.


Key features


  • IntelligentAir is a collection of ResMed technologies that can tailor therapy to individual breathing needs:
  • Vsync provides excellent patient–ventilator synchrony, even in the presence of significant leak.
  • TiControl™ lets you set min and max limits on either side of the patient’s ideal inspiratory time to encourage spontaneous breath.
  • Trigger and cycle helps you optimise settings according to the patient’s condition, using five trigger and cycle sensitivity levels.
  • QuickNav for low-touch therapy adjustment. By simply double-clicking the home button on the device, you can toggle between the Settings and Monitoring screens to change and check settings quickly and easily.
  • Climate Control Auto for automatic humidification. When used with a HumidAir™ heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir™ heated tube, Lumis delivers humidification automatically – no settings to change and no complicated menus to navigate.
  • Ramp and Ramp Down for extra comfort. Lumis offers both Ramp and Ramp Down features to help patients ease into and out of each therapy session.
  • ResScan software for advanced clinical insights. ResScan enables you to download your patients’ therapy data, change ventilator settings, and gain insight into their therapy progress across a number of metrics (including AHI, leak and pressure).
  • High-resolution data (at 25 Hz) is also available for breath-by-breath analysis and even greater insight.

ResMed S9 VPAP S

Approx Price: Rs 70,000 / Piece 
The S9 VPAP S is designed to deliver comfortable bilevel therapy to a wide range of patients, who need higher pressure or have trouble with CPAP therapy. With an inspiratory pressure range from 4-25CM the S9 VPAP S delivers a higher pressure on inhalation and a lower pressure on exhalation. EPR smooths transitions between breaths and VSync automatically compensates for mask leaks.

Incorporating the stylish design and sophisticated comfort features of the award-winning S9™ platform, S9 bilevel devices help you to comfortably transition to therapy so you can experience the benefits of a restful sleep.

The S9 VPAP Auto is the next generation model for the S8 VPAP Auto 25. This Bilevel machine provides an automatically adjusting pressure stream for inhalation, and another for exhalation. S9 VPAP Auto is an improvement over the S8 VPAP Auto 25 by including ResMed's Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology along with the included H5i with Climate Control, and optional ClimateLine heated tubing.

At its core this bilevel machine automatically adjusts inhalation and exhalation pressure on a breath by breath basis to keep the airway open. This model improves on the S8 VPAP Auto 25 model by providing more comfort features that make breathing and adjusting to pressure changes easier, reduce sound to the machine user and bed partner, maintain set temperature and humidity levels despite changing room conditions.


· Enhanced AutoSet Algorithm. This technology continuously monitors breathing in order to adjust the inhalation and exhalation pressure on a breath by breath basis to maintain an open airway.

· Enhanced Easy-Breathe Technology. This technology makes the transitions between inhalation and exhalation pressures smoother allowing the user to more easily adjust to pressure changes.

· Climate Control Humidification System. This system uses the ClimateLine heated tubing to maintain the set temperature and humidity levels despite changing room conditions.

· Quieter Motor. The improved motor design sends less sound down the tubing and through the mask for the machine user and is also less audible to the bed partner.

· Digital Display & Push Dial. The digital display and push dial make establishing and changing settings easy along with viewing previous nights therapy data.

· SmartStart / SmartStop SmartStart / SmartStop enables your device to start automatically by breathing into the mask. This feature automatically starts and stops your CPAP machine when you put on or take off your mask.

· Enhanced Vsync Technology. Vsync monitors leak rate through out the night and compensates for leak detection by adjusting the baseline pressure as needed.

· TiControl Feature. TiControl is an additional setting that can accommodate individual respiratory conditions by improving the synchrony between the user and the device.

Respironics REMstar Auto BiPAP

Approx Price: Rs 70,000 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
REMstar Auto BiPAP

Respironics brings "System One" to the new line of REMstar BiPAP machines. The PR BiPAP with Bi-Flex is an intelligent solution that knows when, why, and how changes should occur to consistently and effectively provide optimum sleep therapy. The PR BiPAP Auto is the leading edge of detection and response for the treatment of sleep apnea. Auto-Trak Sensitivity and new System One technologies, like Humidity Control with Dry Box and Resistance Control, all are helping users achieve effective therapy.

Product Features

The PR BiPAP Auto not only detects these events, the REMstar Auto algorithm responds by automatically adjusting pressure levels to clear the apnea. Within a few seconds of recorded flow reduction, the PR BiPAP Auto pulses a series of pressures to determine if the apnea has been cleared. PR BiPAP Auto responses include:

· Proactive Performance manages events in the early stages of flow limitation, which leads up to an actual obstruction or apnea. The Auto algorithm uses two airflow measurements to prevent pressures from becoming too high: ('P'ressure Critical and 'P' Optimal).

· Leak Management is a comparison of average leak rate and the expected leak from a CPAP mask. Encore records significant losses above the expected leak rate as 'Large Leak' events and the BiPAP Auto reduces therapy pressure to re-establish the mask seal, preventing false apneas.

· Obstructive Apnea is defined as events that reduce 80% of airflow for a minimum of 10 seconds.

· Hypopnea is defined as events that reduce 40% of airflow for a minimum of 10 seconds.

· Flow Limitation is measured through four different baselines of the breathing waveform: Roundness, Flatness, Peak, and Shape. Most other BiPAPs only take into account Flatness and Shape.

· Snore or snoring can sometimes imitate a hypopnea event. Advanced detection allows the PR BiPAP Auto to measure vibrations and partial airway occlusions.

· RERAs differ from a Hypopnea or snoring event in that a RERA shows increasing respiratory effort with each breath, culminating in a shift in brain wave activity and not necessarily a result of obstruction. Periodic breathing conditions such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration and central apneas are distinguishable from obstructed apnea or snoring events.

· SmartRamp helps manage apnea events while users attempt to fall asleep. Unlike other BiPAPs, the PR BiPAP Auto can react to an event during Ramp Time.

System One Humidity Control (Optional)

The PR CPAP humidifier and water chamber are breakthroughs for managing rain-out and water damage. System technology analyzes ambient temperature and patient airflow to reach relative humidity at the mask. Sensors inside and outside the BiPAP machine closely monitor changes in humidity and prevents condensation from forming inside the tube. Source:Respironics

RESmart GII BPAP System

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
RESmart GII BPAP Series provide non-invasive ventilation for patients with respiratory insufficiency in hospital or at home. Ti Min/Ti Max ensure inspiration time and improve the treatment effect significantly.
Professional precision
  • Real time monitoring: Tidal Volume (Vt), Respiratory rate (Res Rate), Minute ventilation (Min Vent), Leakage (Leak)
  • Quick and easy operation.
  • Innovative tracking technology ensures accurate and comfortable therapy.
  • Unique sensitivity settings offer comfortable individual therapy.
  • Auto on/Auto off function
  • Power off alert.
  • Tube & mask disconnected alert.
  • Automatic leakage and altitude compensation

Breas Bi Level System ST Mode

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Piece 

Thanks to eSync, Breas’ highly responsive Trigger technology, iSleep 25 synchronizes smoothly with the patient’s breathing effort. As the patient demands for a new breath, iSleep 25 responds immediately and delivers the pressure required, allowing for very comfortable breathing. Backup frequency guarantees ventilation to patients during central apneas or intermittent hypoventilation. By adjusting rise time and eSync, physicians can match the iSleep 25 settings to the patient’s needs. And with memory card capability, it’s quick and easy to download long-term patient compliance data and detailed log.


Other iSleep 25 highlights include:


· Integrated heated humidifier that offers adjustable upper airway humidification for increased compliance

· An enhanced user interface that provides comprehensive information on therapeutic data

· A user-friendly hose, connected to the rear of the unit; it can easily be positioned using the built-in swivel

· Adaptable for use with a wide range of masks

· Lightweight design and the built-in carrying handle for easy travel.

· Power adapter. With the DC/DC converter, the unit can be powered from a car or recreational vehicle when enjoying an active everyday life

· SpO2 monitoring possibility


Discover the benefits of iSleep 25:


· eSync, synchronized breath delivery

· Small footprint, even when integrated humidifier is attached

· Adjustable settings for automatic, leakage-compensated inspiratory and expiratory triggers

· Adjustable back-up rate and rise time

· Enhanced user interface, easy to use with large buttons

· Large, backlit graphical display with built-in alarm clock

· Designed for travelling; world wide mains power compatibility and DC power options

· Designed to accommodate a wide range of masks

· “Snooze” function

· Memory card capability

· Detailed patient log with flow, pressure, leak, and volume

· Integrated AHI and leakage calculation

· SpO2 monitoring possibility

· Designed for home use

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: BLS-002

Resmed Medical Ventilators

Approx Price: Rs 1.1 Lakh / Piece 
Resmed S9 Vpap ST-A with iVAPS


The VPAP ST-A with iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support) is ResMed’s new ventilator for patients and clinicians for those who want a quiet, easy-to-use, advanced VPAP solution, with the safety of alarms and a maximum pressure of 30 cm H20. The iVAPS technology targets alveolar ventilation, accommodating changes in your patient’s respiratory rate to consistently meet the required ventilation target, personalising therapy for better patient outcomes.

Packed with ResMed’s NIV technologies, offering Climate Control and supported by ResScan™, our advanced patient management solution, VPAP ST-A is designed for adults and children weighing 13kg and over, or 30 kg and over when using iVAPS.

This NIV ventilator helps treat non-dependent patients with COPD, Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS), Neuromuscular Disease (NMD), and other conditions. iVAPS technology makes the VPAP ST-A suitable for hypercapnic patients with changing respiratory needs.

Elite VPAP Machine and System

The S9 VPAP St-A w/H5i Humidifier and Climate Line Tubing is part of ResMed's line of premier VPAP machines and equipment. Featuring the H5i Heated Humidifier, which injects heat into breathing at an optimal temperature, the VPAP provides patients with severe sleep apnea a restful night of therapeutic relief. The machine monitors each breath, and automatically compensates for any respiratory irregularities.

Key Features

· The Intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support (iVAPS) - Targets alveolar ventilation for stable gas exchange in variety of respiratory episodes includes Vsync leak compensation to improve patient-ventilator synchrony

· Your machine provides inspiratory positive airway pressure and also establishes a backup pressure rate to ensure that you're breathing regularly, even if you fail to respirate spontaneously.

  • AutoSet Algorithm - Adjusts pressure during inhalation or exhalation ensuring an open airway
  • EasyBreathe Technology - Smooths out the transition in pressure between inhalation and exhalation
  • Climate Control Humidification - Internal heated coil and temperature regulator ensures consistent humidity. The ClimateLine is a slim tube, with a 15 mm hose diameter.
  • Intuitive Display System - Easy to navigate interface with simple knobs for hassle free operation
  • SmartStart/SmartStop - Start therapy or stop therapy by simply taking off or putting on your mask
  • Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases pressure to prescribe levels over a period of time.

It all adds up to intelligent and reliable ventilation.

Modes: CPAP, Spontaneous (S), Timed (T), Spontaneous/Timed (ST), iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support), PAC (Pressure Assist Control).Pressure IPAP: 4–30 cm H2O EPAP: 3–25 cm H2O. Range of alarms.

ResMed Stellar 150 Adult and Paediatric Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 2.2 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
ResMed StellarTM 150

Designed for versatility, the Stellar 150 is a noninvasive ventilator with invasive capabilities. Offering a comprehensive range of therapy modes, Stellar treats a wide range of adult and paediatric patient types with changing respiratory needs. From those who need NIV during their hospital stay to chronic patients at home with conditions, such as COPD, NMD and OHS, Stellar is a versatile system designed with its end-users in mind.

Delivering optimal therapy to suit your patients

Stellar 150 also offers IntelligentAir, a collection of ResMed technologies that deliver individually-responsive ventilation to suit your patients, with: intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support (iVAPS) mode to target their alveolar ventilation; an intelligent Backup Rate (iBR) to provide backup breaths when needed; and AutoEPAP to maintain upper airway patency.

Other features

  • Real-time data and waveforms: including pressure and flow curves, tidal volume, as well as SpO2 and FiO2 levels are viewable on a large colour LCD display
  • An auto-scaling function: automatically adjusts graphs to scale for easy assessment at a glance
  • A user-friendly menu: provides intuitive navigation to setup options for quick access and adjustment
  • A broad range of therapy modes: including S, T, S/T, PAC, CPAP and iVAPS
  • Pathology defaults: organised by disease category,common clinical defaults assist therapy initiation and setup
  • ResScanpatient management software: offers high-resolution (25 Hz) flow and pressure data for download
  • IntelligentAir: iVAPS, iBR and AutoEPAP continuously monitor and automatically adjust to deliver personalised therapy to meet your patients’ changing ventilatory needs
  • Integrated oxygen: up to 30 L/min and high pressure delivery: up to 40 cm H2O at the mask
  • Extensive alarms: including FiO2 and SpO2 to provide added assurance for patient safety and care
  • Paediatric use: approvedfor use by children weighing down to as little as 13 kg
  • Humidification: heated humidification with H4i™ or HumiCare™ D900 to promote comfort
  • Dual programs: set and save up to two programs for day/night ventilation or rest/active periods
  • Personalised efficacy and comfort: various features allow you to easily fine-tune settings to suit your patients’ needs: Vsync and TiControl™: proven ResMed technologies for leak compensation and inspiratory management for excellence in NIV. Ramp and ramp down: gradually increases and decreases the pressure support delivered to help ease your patients into and out of therapy sessions. 5 Trigger: trigger and cycle sensitivity levels can be fine-tuned according to your patient’s given condition. Rise and fall times: transition times between inspiratory and expiratory pressures can be adjusted to suit your patient’s inspiratory and expiratory needs.
  • An internal battery: 2 hours of continuous power
  • External batteries: the power of one– or two – RPS II external batteries, each providing an extra 8 hours’ capacity
  • A DC-DC converter: plug in mobility for use anywhere with a DC outlet, including cars
  • Custom-builtmobility bags: protecting the ventilator while out and about
  • A quality build and durable body: rigorouslytested to withstand day-to-day use

ResMed Astral Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 3.75 Lakh / Piece 
Resmed Astral100 and 150 Mechanical ventiatiors join the popular VPAP series and Stellar models for non-invasive and invasive applications.

This new device, with a flat shape and incorporated handle, is a RedDot 2014 design award winner. It features a compact, portable, lightweight (3.2kg) design and intended for use inside and outside hospital setting for pediatric patients weighing greater than 5 kilograms and adults. The design of the Astral also allows the system to be easily maintained by in-house biomedical staff thus saving service dollars.

In the hospital setting, the Astral is suited for sub-acute and long term care. The advanced features and up to 24 hours of extended battery life allows the patient to be transported while being fully supported. This model also provides a new option for home care support for chronically ill adult and pediatric patients discharged home on ventilatory support. This allows a seamless transfer to the home setting on a machine that is familiar to both patient, family and healthcare providers.

With the Astral platform a suite of advanced modes including assisted volume control, assisted pressure control, pressure SIMV, volume SIMV, pressure support and CPAP are available. While there are many ventilators in the current market for non-invasive and invasive support, there are limited machines offering advanced protective modes of ventilation at a competitive price point.

The Astral 100 and 150 feature ResMed’s Vsync for leak management, NIV+ for trigger sensitivity, TiControl™ to assist with ventilator-patient synchrony and the features listed below.

Vivo 50 Life Support Ventilator

Approx Price: Rs 4 Lakh / Unit(s) 

Vivo 50 Life-Support Ventilator

High-quality technology blends with a robust, premium Scandinavian design for excellent patient treatment in home and mobile environments.


The Vivo 50 is an advanced, reliable and intuitive life-support ventilator. It contains a full range of modes, extensive monitoring solutions, SpO2, CO2, and FiO2, and an easy-to-use menu structure. Treatment can easily be adopted to patients needs by three pre-set profiles and the home-adjust mode. A wide range of accessories made Vivo 50 highly suitable for use in the hospital and at home and in a mobile environment.


Intuitive interface promotes ease of use and training.

  • The Vivo 50 is easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to explain.
  • A full-colour screen and distinct buttons provide easy access to all functions.
  • The menu structure is simple and effective: an i-button explains functions and alarms with a click.
  • Intuitive features help increase patient comfort, save time and reduce the risk for mistakes.

Define and control the treatment with extensive monitoring.

  • Vivo 50 is equipped with FiO2, SpO2 and CO2 monitoring solutions, reducing the need for additional devices.
  • The large full colour screen helps physicians easily read the set parameters, waveforms, numerical data and trends.
  • Up to one year of treatment data are stored in a central memory, with the possibility to download data onto a memory card.
  • Advanced PC software enables online monitoring and analysis of treatment data.

Enjoy high performance, from hospital to home.

  • In the hospital, high performance is the first priority.
  • The Vivo 50 can be operated in volume- or pressure-controlled modes, with leakage or exhalation valve circuits.
  • Three different profiles optimize the treatment to various needs.
  • Take advantage of multiple alarms or connect a remote alarm and a nurse call function.
  • Mounting bracket and trolley facilitate hospital use.

At home, ease of use and technical solutions contribute to improved quality of life:

  • Get a strong feeling of security and acceptance in the home environment.
  • Enjoy high-performance features, premium Scandinavian design and a low noise level.
  • The home-adjust setting increases patient comfort by allowing the patient to adjust specific parameters within limits set by the physician.
  • The ergonomic design makes the device easy to handle.
  • Enjoy the quiet operation of one of the most silent devices on the market.


Vivo 50’s advanced technology has been developed with performance, convenience and market needs in mind.

  • Full monitoring allows view of waveforms, numerical data and trend monitoring.
  • Patient connectivity is enhanced with patient start/stop remote, remote alarm and nurse call system.
  • Get easy direct access to menus on the user-friendly front panel.
  • Freedom of operation is possible thanks to the four-hour internal battery and the option of an additional eight hours from the optional click-on battery.
  • The optional FiO2, SpO2 and CO2 sensors give the unit high-end monitoring capabilities with on-screen values and alarms.
  • “Info help” text makes information on alarms, settings and troubleshooting accessible for the user.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MV-005

Portable Spirometer

Approx Price: Rs 80,000 / Piece 
Backed by a team of creative and skilled designers, we are actively engaged in offering Portable Spirometer . The offered spirometers are light in weight and extensively used in hospitals for its wide application area. These spirometers are examined against various parameters of quality for delivering a defect free range. Customers can avail these spirometers from us at nominal rates. Features: High resolution color graphic TFT Built-in thermal printer Storage for 2500 patient data FVC, SVC and MVV test Evaluation of 51 vital parameters with interpretation Indian predicted equations Mains & Battery operations Facility to download data to PC High resolution color graphic TFT Built-in thermal printer Storage for 2500 patient data

PC Based Spirometer

Approx Price: Rs 45,000 / Piece 
By keeping track of the latest market development, we are introducing a qualitative range of PC Based Spirometer that is detachable and easy to disinfect digital turbine transducer. This spirometer is high on demanded in the industry due to its automatic interpretation. Our offered spirometer is manufactured with finest material and modern technology in fulfillment with the quality norms. The spirometer offered by us is inspected under the supervision of vendors quality controllers for make certain its flawless range. Features: USB powered ergonomic handset Detachable and easy to disinfect digital turbine transducer Best maneuver selection (Auto/Manual) FVC,SVC and MVV test Indian predicated equations Ethnic corrections Pediatric Incentives Lungs Age Calculation Flow-Volume/Volume-Time graphs Pre-Post bronchodialation test Trends Doctor's Notes Auto-Interpretation Customized printing options (single and all curves) USB powered ergonomic handset Flow-Volume/Volume-Time graphs Auto-Interpretation
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